• Perun Vodka 1000ml
 The Association of US bartenders-Perun vodka has declared the second best lead in the United States for 2019. Year.Perun Distillery gives great attention to the production of vodka. In order to ensure the exceptional purity of the vodka, 3x3 distation is performed from sugar beet in copper caul,. It is known to be the process from which the highest quality vodka or vodka of extra class is obtained.The high standard of production and caring for each detail allowed us to produce a luxurious, handmade vodka that is characterized by pure and cregrabalty taste.Perun Vodka because of its perfect texture and the truth can be served alone with ice or as a ingredient of many cocktails.
Alc. Content (alc.vol %) 40
Type Vodka
Volume (ml) 1000

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Perun Vodka 1000ml

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